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The new EU rules have made the management of discounted promotions a little more complicated. In addition, the changing Forint to Euro exchange rate has made it much more difficult to manage promotions. Thus, the current discounted price on the site may be higher than the best price within 30 days. And of course, a discounted price calculated at a low EUR exchange rate can be significantly lower than a discounted price calculated at a high EUR exchange rate when in reality no change is made to the discount rate at all.

Discovery HD/34 FFP 4-24X50SFIR

Discovery HD/34 FFP 4-24X50SFIR

strong, robust design

With a 34″ tube and rugged design, you get a rugged scope with excellent image quality.
Recoil stop design ensures accurate hits even with large calibers.
Its large and robust ZERO STOP turret makes it easy to return to a given setting.

First Focal Plane

That is, the advantage of an FFP (First Focal Plane) crosshair is that the possible hold on the ballistic crosshair is always the same regardless of the magnification. So if the holding for a given distance at a given distance is 1 MIL then it will always be 1 MIL regardless of the magnification.

Recommended use

We recommend it mainly for hunters up to larger calibers and for sporting use for those who want to use a quality scope at a reasonable price.


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