General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

The General Terms and Conditions of Service (“GTC”) contain the general terms and conditions for the use of the webshop operated by Zsolt Miseta e.v. (registered office: 4/22 Szőlő u. 84, Budapest, 1032 Budapest, tax number: 69387412-1-41) as a service provider (“Service Provider”). Please only use our services if you agree with all of its points and are bound by them. This document is not filed, is concluded in electronic form only (it is not a written contract) and does not refer to a code of conduct.

Please read this document carefully before finalizing your order, because by finalizing your order you accept the contents of these GTC!

Parties: seller and buyer together
Consumer: a natural person acting outside his/her trade, profession, self-employed activity or business
Consumer contract: a contract where one of the parties is a consumer
Website/Webpage: this website ( used for the conclusion of the contract
Contract: Contract of sale between the Seller and the Buyer using the Website and electronic mail
Device for communication at a distance: a device which is capable of making a contractual statement in the absence of the parties for the purpose of concluding a contract. Such means include, in particular, addressed or unaddressed printed matter, standard letters, advertisements with order forms published in press products, catalogues, telephones, faxes and Internet access devices
Distance contract: a consumer contract concluded without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties in the context of a distance sales system organised for the supply of the goods or services covered by the contract, where the parties use a means of distance communication only to conclude the contract
Product: any marketable movable property included in the offer of the Website and intended for sale on the Website, which is the subject of the Contract
Business: a person acting in the course of his/her profession, self-employment or business
Buyer(s): the person who enters into a contract by submitting a purchase offer via the Website
Standstill: in the case of contracts concluded between a consumer and a business (hereinafter “consumer contracts”), the Civil Code,
1. a) a guarantee for the performance of the contract which the undertaking voluntarily assumes for the proper performance of the contract, in addition to its statutory obligation or in the absence thereof, and
2. b) mandatory statutory warranty

Service provider details:
Service provider name: Miseta Zsolt e.v.
The service provider is located at 1032. Budapest. Szőlő u. 84. 4/22.
Representative: Zsolt Miseta e.v.
The contact details of the service provider, its regularly used e-mail address for contacting customers:
Registration number: 53109756
Tax number: 69387412-1-41
Bank account numbers:
HUF: 12011234-00217386-00100006
HUF IBAN: HU97-1201-1234-0021-7386-0010-0006

EUR: 12011234-00217386-00200003
EUR IBAN: HU76-1201-1234-0021-7386-0020-0003
Phone numbers: +36706332328
Data protection registration number:
Data of the hosting provider: Servergarden Kft. 1023 Budapest, Lajos utca 28-32 Tax number/Tax no.: 24855608-2-41, HU24855608

Basic provisions
1.1. Issues not regulated in these Rules and the interpretation of these Rules shall be governed by Hungarian law, in particular with regard to the relevant provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (“Civil Code”) and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services. The mandatory provisions of the applicable law shall apply to the parties even if not expressly provided otherwise.
1.2. This contract is valid from 1 January 2021 for an indefinite period and covers the commercial service provided through the website
1.3. The website is protected by copyright. All content displayed on the website, in whole or in part, may be used only to the extent necessary for the use of the website. For any other use not related to the use of the website, printing, reproduction, public publication, distribution, other commercial activities, is possible with the prior written consent of Zsolt Miseta e.v.
1.4. A honlap a nap 24 órájában rendelkezésre áll, de felhasználói megkeresésekre csak munkanapon napközben 8-17 óra között tudunk válaszolni.

Data management rules, data protection
1.5. The website privacy policy can be found here:

Products and services available for purchase
1.6. Products on this website can only be purchased online at The prices shown next to the products are gross prices, but do not include the cost of delivery or the cost of packaging associated with delivery.
1.7. In the webshop, the Service Provider shall display the name and description of the product in detail, and shall display a photo of the product. The images shown on the product data sheets may differ from the real ones, in some cases they are used as illustrations.
1.8. If a promotional price is introduced, the Service Provider will fully inform Users of the duration of the promotion.

How to order
1.9. Registration is not required to shop on the website.
Before adding products to your shopping cart, please choose whether you wish to pay in EURO or HUF. But of course you should choose the most economical currency for you.
The products can be added to the basket in the selected quantity using the “Add to basket” button on the product page.
You can view the list of products in your basket on the “Basket” page in the menu bar. The number of products in the basket can be changed and products can be deleted. And you can check the total amount and the expected delivery cost.
Once you have made all the necessary settings in the shopping cart, you can use the “Proceed to checkout” button on the checkout page to enter your billing and shipping details and select the payment, delivery and pickup method.
1.10. The Customer can pay for the selected product(s) by credit card at the time of ordering, by bank transfer after placing the order or by cash on delivery. The price indicated next to the products is the Gross Purchase Price which can be settled in EUR or HUF.
If you choose bank transfer, we will reserve the ordered product for the Buyer for a maximum of 3 working days. If no payment is received within this period, the order will be cancelled and the reserved goods will be released.
Your order placed electronically will be delivered by GLS or MPL courier service.
1.11. The service provider’s webshop is obliged to confirm the receipt of the user’s order to the user by electronic means without delay. If this confirmation is not received by the user within a reasonable period, depending on the nature of the service, but not later than 48 hours from the date of sending the user’s order, the user shall be released from the obligation to submit an offer or a contract. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed to have been received by the service provider or the user when it becomes available to him. The parties may derogate from the above rules if they have agreed to do so.

Procedure in case of incorrect price
1.12. It is obviously a misrepresented price:
A price of 0 (zero) Ft.
The price reduced by the discount but incorrectly indicating the discount (e.g.: in the case of a 1000 HUF product, the product offered for 500 HUF with a 20% discount indicated).
In the event of an incorrect price indication, the Seller offers the possibility of purchasing the product at the real price, in the knowledge of which the Customer may decide whether to order the product at the real price or to cancel the order without any adverse legal consequences.

Order processing and fulfilment
1.13. The system acknowledges receipt of the order in a reply letter. Orders are processed after receipt of the invoice amount in the case of payment by credit card or bank transfer, and after receipt of the order in the case of cash on delivery orders, on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.
Products in stock will be packed in the order in which they are received and orders received by 11 a.m. will be delivered to the carrier on the morning of the next working day. In case of a different schedule, the Customer will be informed by letter.
If the product is not in stock, we will fulfil the order according to the delivery date shown next to the product on the Website.
1.14. For goods in stock, the standard delivery time is 3-6 working days from confirmation. For goods in receipt/pending order, the general delivery deadline is 3-6 weeks from confirmation.
If the Service Provider and the User have not agreed on the time of performance, the Service Provider shall be obliged to perform the contract within the time or date specified in the User’s request, or in the absence of a request, within thirty days of the receipt of the order by the Service Provider at the latest.
1.15. If the Service Provider fails to fulfil its contractual obligation because the product specified in the contract is not available, it shall immediately inform the User thereof and indicate the possible delivery time. If the User/Customer accepts the delivery date the contract remains valid. If the Customer is not satisfied with the new date, the Service Provider is obliged to refund the amount paid by the Customer without delay, but within thirty days at the latest.

Delivery conditions
Details can be found here.

Right of withdrawal
1.16. Under the provisions of the Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses, the User may withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the ordered product without giving any reason, and return the ordered product.
1.17. The buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal if the product is returned to the seller within 14 days, in its factory packaging, complete and undamaged, together with the invoice, without any signs of use. The Buyer shall notify the Seller, preferably in writing, by e-mail or letter in the form of a declaration.
1.18. The seller will refund the full purchase price immediately after the return of the goods, but within thirty days at the latest. The refund does not apply to the return shipping costs, the full amount of which is borne by the Customer. The Seller shall take back the goods only if they are in perfect condition and free from any damage resulting from use.
1.19. The seller has the right to deduct from the amount to be refunded an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the goods resulting from their use or misuse. If the goods are returned with traces of use, the goods are considered as used and up to two thirds of the price will be refunded.

Guarantee, warranty
1.20. The buyer must inspect the goods as soon as possible after receipt to ensure that there is no damage in transit. Any such damage must be reported to the Seller using the contact details provided. And the buyer must return the package to the seller in its original box with the invoice. The buyer is responsible for the cost of returning the defective goods.
1.21. Our products are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In the event of a malfunction, please contact us by email at In the letter, describe the problem, how the problem occurred, what weapon you used the scope on.
1.22. The guarantee is only valid with the issued invoice. You can contact any of the service centres in the warranty area for information in person or by phone, or you can contact one of our contact details.

Causes of loss of guarantee.
1.23. The product is damaged due to improper use.
1.24. The product is not used at the factory specified output. Possibly damaged when used on a defective weapon. But this also includes spring-loaded airguns that are not properly weakened to 7.5J.
2.25. Non-specialist repair or attempted repair.

Complaints handling
1.26. If you have a warranty problem, please contact us immediately at We will reply within 2 working days and inform you of the next steps to take.

1.27 The Service Provider assumes that the Customers and Users using the Website have basic knowledge of browsing the websites and using the Website. Therefore, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any technical defects or improper use.

Miscellaneous provisions
1.28. The Service Provider and the User shall attempt to settle their disputes amicably.The User and the Service Provider stipulate the jurisdiction of the Pest County District Court for any disputes that cannot be settled by agreement within 30 (thirty) calendar days.


Budapest, 8 January 2021.